Nvii Forest 2 Review

It’s been an irritating year in running. For whatever reason, I keep destroying running shoes. I’ve gone through 5 pairs in the last year. The most pathetic being 27km in a pair of Inov-8 Mudclaws that started falling apart after 2 runs. Done with them as a brand, a shame having used them on and off for the past 13 years.

After such good experiences with VJ iRocks for mountain marathon purposes I’d already bought a replacement for my iRock2, but I wanted something a bit lighter for local use in the slop. But not Mudclaws. I’ve been getting on with orienteering shoes for shorter runs over the last few years, so why not jump in with both feet and go totally O. Along came Nvii.

I’d been made aware of Nvii from the usual social media platforms, but also through some others in my orienteering club. A quick Google translate of some info from Scandi websites and a few questions back and forth with the UK distributor and I had a pair on the way. Nice to have a club discount applied as well.

First impressions out of the box were “These are far too light and flimsy. I’ve made a massive error here.”

First impressions after a quick 10km run “Shit these are light. Grip is good. How are they so comfortable?”

I’ve no idea how Nvii have got these shoes as light as they have, yet have great grip across most surfaces. They’re not Mudclaw good in mud – but nothing is. But, they are more aggressive than they look, grip better than you think they should, and conform to every rock and root on the trails. They’re not the best if you want underfoot protection, but that’s not what they are about really. They mould to the ground that you’re hopefully running over quite quickly. They definitely benefit a runner who wants to run in an engaged manner. Not for long day epics where you’re getting tired and hoping your shoe will compensate for poor technique.

Thread is showing wear after 160km of Pennine mud and gritstone, but no more than any other shoe I’ve used. They’ve survived winter quite well. Now that we’re getting some orienteering events starting up again these will be my go to shoe. Would I use them for a run over 3 hours? Maybe, but I’d want to not have anything planned the day after. However, short fell races and any longer orienteering race – definitely. Also, they are wonderfully orange.

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