2021 Hills

Odd year that passed, not as many things completed, but that’s the way for many of is. Projects put on hold. Goals set aside for a while until they become realistic again. Playing my part in society so as to not be a part of the problem. I’d hoped to have some of these boxed off before the end of 2020 or as close to being so that I could focus on some other things. Not to to be the case.


Welsh 3000s

Two years in a row now I’ve had to miss, or have the race scrapped. I’d also planned a solo run down the 3000s in late August last year but my body hadn’t recovered from going big in Scotland for two weeks while carrying a child up a lot of Munros. Pretty much a case of waiting until Wales opens up again then going for a single run to bag the top 4. I’ll be in Wales a lot this Spring once it re-opens in preparation for a Paddy Buckley round.



Well over my half way mark – that was at least the one positive from some time in the Lakes this year – though I made a decision to avoid the Lake District due to the sensitivity of the smaller communities and any COVID outbreaks. A few early morning raids on the lesser frequented parts ticked a lot more odd tops than expected. That Northern part of the map is irritating me. I’ve had plans to do some big rounds but they’ve all been pushed back.



Plan for 2020 had been to get to 10% ticked. Failed miserably. I’d an ambitious plan to get up and do a Tranters round but my body was having none of it. Then winter plans were hatched….and we know how that has turned out. Two weeks already pencilled in for 2021 including the Scottish 6 Day orienteering races, and a few big days out. I’d love to get up for some late Spring bagging while there is still some snow, but I’m guessing that’s not going to happen. Sadly this also has an effect on logging winter days for a WML. But that can wait for now I guess.

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