Definitely set in now. Dark in the morning. Dark in the evening. Damp, dreary, dull. Dealing with drenched trails, delicate undergrowth still holding on, debilitating ponds of mud and filth, dedicated fools still tramping the ground less visited.

Opting not to ride so much this year. Running. Target set in my head. Digital targets to finish for the year. Close, but hard to motivate myself to finish it off. No reason to. Why bother? It’s six months away.

Why? Well, because in that six months you need to work hard. Put into place that mindset from the TDR. 8th of December is near, the date, every year since, when you’ve taken a look at the year to come and made a choice. Hard work, or not. Targets, or potter. Do it, or don’t bother.

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