Highland Trail Race Tracking

The Highland Trail Race starts this weekend in Scotland (http://highlandtrail.net/). 425 miles, 685km,  of non-stop racing. Unless you want to sleep, which most of us will.

Tracking of the race will be in quasi real time, 10minute lag on position, and data from our positions will be provided via Track leaders at http://trackleaders.com/highland13. Tracking is being done through SPOT satellite trackers.

The winner is expected to get around the course in just under 3 days. He’ll probably sleep for about 6hours in total. I am aiming for about 5 days.

This race was to be the main aim for me this summer, but after my fathers death has become a memorial ride of sorts for me. Any thoughts of a podium are gone, now I am just racing for ‘fun’.

Another set of SPOT data will also be located on my personal page at http://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=0F9Si75bOHu1UysYQsZyjrCHLOn6GBpu0 , this will update when data is being collected.

Hopefully this can provide you some entertainment as you see how we progress. I’ll try and post the odd update to Twitter (@greg_may_) but I cannot be guaranteed coverage.

Chat to you all when I get back,

ps. Pauline is in the house so don’t think you can come round and nick all my stuff 😉

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