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2021 Hills

TweetOdd year that passed, not as many things completed, but that’s the way for many of is. Projects put on hold. Goals set aside for a while until they become realistic again. Playing my part in society so as to not be a part of the problem. I’d hoped to have some of these boxed off before the end of… Read more →


Tweet Definitely set in now. Dark in the morning. Dark in the evening. Damp, dreary, dull. Dealing with drenched trails, delicate undergrowth still holding on, debilitating ponds of mud and filth, dedicated fools still tramping the ground less visited. Opting not to ride so much this year. Running. Target set in my head. Digital targets to finish for the year.… Read more →


TweetI’ve been running a lot. When I run, I think. This often results in falling over, but still, I think and I run. I run and I think. I realised the other day, that when we return to school, it will have been six months. Six months for the smart kids to stay smart. The lazy kids to get lazier. The… Read more →

October in Photos

TweetI shot a lot this month. Enough that I needed to step away from the camera for a while. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy shooting XC races, holidays climbing in Wales, family. It’s that I had lost motivation. Needed to stop looking at the world through a lens for a while. Needed to stop looking. The opposite of what… Read more →