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2016 Wrap.

TweetOdd year. A year of two distinct halves. Part 1: January through June we’re dominated by the one thing, the Tour Divide. Nothing else mattered. Work, nope. Friends, nope. Family, nope. Home…well yes, the only thing that mattered except training was homelife and future plans. Oddly, this near sole focus had little impact on the rest of my “normal” outside… Read more →

Tour Divide Print Words

TweetFirst set of words in print from the Tour Divide this year: http://grit.cx/magarchive/issue-009 – small paywall for digital at £1.50 a month, or £6 for the print issue. I’ve been working with the folks over at Grit.cx since its inception, what feels like many moons ago. I’ve always contributed from a cross perspective, and quite often just ranting about my own ideas… Read more →

Other words

Tweet It’s been a bit quiet but that’s because I’ve been writing words for print of late. Also, getting some photos into print. Not going to lie, that was a real focus for me this year and I’m pretty stoked/happy/surprised that it’s happened. Just like I was once told I’d never get a degree/ words printed I was told that… Read more →

Cuba Photos

TweetFinally working through the 2000 photos or so that I took on our honeymoon in Cuba. Some have already made their way into an article in issue 3 of Grit.cx – Subscriptions here – the rest I am going to drop into Flickr over the next week or so. I’ll pop some of the more choice images here. Why not. Read more →

Moving to the Country

TweetSomething I wrote that didn’t make the editorial cut. I can see why, but I’ll post it anyway. Moving to the Country – distinct lack of peaches noted. Bear with me on this. Cities are hateful places to live a life as a mountain biker. Maybe, if you’re lucky, you may have a small urban trail around a disused tip/bombsite/asylum… Read more →


TweetTwo weeks off the bike have given me time to think. I’ve become somewhat of an expert at it. Thinking about things that could be. Things that should be. Things that will be. My maps for the Tour Divide have arrived and I’ve resisted the urge to dive into them, to become obsessed by the route, to focus on the… Read more →

Forcing out the words

TweetWriting for fun. Writing for money. Writing because I have to. All require a different mentality. All require dedication. All require a mindset. This week sees me loaded with each. Fun, money, forced. The writing occurs in that order. Read more →

A Year of Positivity

TweetWith the thesis delivered, choices to be made and adventures to be planned 2013 is going to be a year of positivity. The first part of this is producing more creative work, through writing and other projects. Over the past few months I have been working with Becca, Jenn and Fitz over at the Dirtbag Diaries to produce a written story… Read more →

Make good Art

TweetA few months ago I came across a wonderful speech by Neil Gaimen entitled Make Good Art. After watching, listing, thinking and watching again I realised that he is correct. We do just need to make good art. Be it in how we write, draw, compose or influence people. The last week has allowed me time to reflect and finish… Read more →