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October in Photos

TweetOn time this month. Or at least somewhat. Three years married now, a new addition makes our traditional weekend of running and wandering in the mountains a bit different. But still, off to the Lake District we went, camping of sorts, introducing the new generation to some weather. It still stuns me every-time I come to the Lakes just how… Read more →


TweetA draft post that never made it out there. ~ It was supposed to be a trip to Belgium to watch the Cyclocross World Cup at Koksijde. It was supposed to be a birthday trip, a cycling holiday, some time away together. It was supposed to be a fun weekend away at the start of Winter before all hell breaks… Read more →

Running for Turkey

TweetDing dong merrily on high…whistle whistle whistle…and so on. This is your Christmas present, bloody well enjoy it. It’s January, I’m on Anglsey and I’m “running” the CTS trail half marathon. I’ve done this event before, even raced it to a point before, but that was when I ran consistently. I’d not been running much in the past year, 4 runs if my… Read more →

Alpine Wales

TweetI took some time yesterday to get out into the mountains. The weather was perfect. High level clouds, stable weather, no wind. Reminiscent of the Alps in summer, but without the blue skies, or the people dropping rocks/ice axes/snow on my head. I had planned a climb to the top of Snowdon via a route I’d not taken before. Some easy walking,… Read more →

2012 Is Finally Over

Tweet 2012 was a hard year for me. Many things came together to produce an environment that was not the best for me mentally. However, this did result in the introduction of some different changes to how I approach people, time, and life. All of which have been beneficial in the long run. Personal: The monkey that was my thesis for my… Read more →

Monday is My Favourite Time of Year.

Tweet NOFXs ‘seminal’ song always makes me smile. I really do enjoy Mondays, mainly because Monday is not a working day for me any more. I don’t have to go into an office. I am master of my own time. Working and riding, preparing coaching work, staring at my Ph.D. for hours on end. I eat when I want, I… Read more →