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Plant powered again.

TweetA few years ago I spent 9 months or so on a plant based diet. I hesitate to use the word vegan as that has some connotations about how I view animals. Animals are tasty, I’ll be the first to admit I have eaten many, many of them. Especially the cute young ones. Farming practices are not always excellent, true. However,… Read more →

Souper soup

TweetEvery now and again I get something right when I try something new. This soup just worked on my never-ending quest to find the right use for leftovers bits from other cooking. I hate wasting food, or components that could be food. First off, I was making almond milk: Soak almonds over night. Rinse. Add  half a cup of almonds… Read more →

Simplicity in Food

TweetBefore I get started I am just going to state; I don’t understand some vegetarians. Eating fish and eggs and being a vegetarian makes no sense to me. It’s akin to saying you don’t believe in god and going to mass. Either commit to something, or don’t. Sit on one side of the fence – Omnivore or Vegan. Don’t dick about. /rant… Read more →