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TweetA draft post that never made it out there. ~ It was supposed to be a trip to Belgium to watch the Cyclocross World Cup at Koksijde. It was supposed to be a birthday trip, a cycling holiday, some time away together. It was supposed to be a fun weekend away at the start of Winter before all hell breaks… Read more →

Tour Divide Kit Breakdown

TweetIn advance – this is probably going to be quite a long post full of my opinions. I’m not sorry if yours differ. After riding this setup for over 12,000km it works for me. I’m not changing it now. Probably. I probably will before I leave ok…damn it.  Oddly, when I look at the kit packed – there is not… Read more →

Cuba Photos

TweetFinally working through the 2000 photos or so that I took on our honeymoon in Cuba. Some have already made their way into an article in issue 3 of Grit.cx – Subscriptions here – the rest I am going to drop into Flickr over the next week or so. I’ll pop some of the more choice images here. Why not. Read more →

Salsa Spearfish

TweetOne bike to rule them all. This was something I was never convinced of, I’m getting there though. The summer has seen me riding one bike more than any other, and it’s been the Spearfish. I’ve had my  Salsa Spearfish for about 8 months now. I’ve done just over 2,000km on it and I think it is time for an honest… Read more →

The Streets are Lined With…

Tweet…Cyclists mostly, followed by ice, followed by cars. Another week in Wales started with a nice trip over on a slightly bouncy ferry with the Griffin clan. A visit to the ‘city’ of St. Asaph and then off to wander about Ruthin before finding Pauline for dinner at the local Llandyrnog eating pub. Not to be confused with the drinking… Read more →

When Opportunity Knocks (Part 1) – Wales

TweetSitting in-front of the computer in my bedroom. Starring at the screen. Willing the words to come out to correct the thoughts I wrote weeks ago in a caffeine induced haze. This is my life. My PhD editing. My own personal black hole, slowly sucking my will to live away. I can’t take this, I need something, I need to… Read more →

Welsh Weekend

TweetSick of Ireland. Sick of my normal roads. Sick of Dublin. Sick of training the same. Need to change plans. A chance to meet with a group of friends near Llanberris and do some riding and catching up arose and it was the perfect chance. Ferry booked, this time just me and the bike. No better way to get there… Read more →