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May in Pictures

TweetSummer arrived with a thud. Suddenly, summer. Nearly four months solid of it. The first two weeks of solid summer I’ve ever had in Scotland. Good light – either crisp spring or forceful summer – gets the camera out and keeps it out. First month I’ve shot over 300 images in a long time. I don’t do burst images. Hangover… Read more →

Ironman Lanzarote 2011 Report

Tweet Most of this written on the plane on the way home, edits done over the following two weeks, mostly due to laziness, mostly as I didn’t want to think about the race and its implications. i’ll post up the post race bit over the next few days, as well as changes, ideas and what I’d adopt differently ~~ Its… Read more →

Lanzarote Taper

TweetTaper is not a word in my vocabulary normally. With cyclocross and mountain biking we have short races that we don’t worry about and would generally train through. Most of these events we can race back to back weekends and train week in, week out. The only race I activly tapered for last year was the national championships in cyclocross… Read more →

Long weekends

TweetTwo Bank Holiday weekends in a row. Two weekends that allow for either uber training or uber drinking. Choosing the former this close to IM Lanzarote was not a hard thing to do. Both weekends had training, both had totally different mental states. Spot the trend to good brain/bad brain. Weekend 1 (Easter) Wednesday: Lab test, 40mins ride on the… Read more →

In which I get a sponsor

TweetFunnily enough I still find it hard to talk about myself using the word triathlete. I’ve been racing tri for a while and this is to be my 6th season. I’ve never taken it very serious, although I have had two sepearate coaches, and I’ve always claimed to be in it for fun. However…I am a competitive kinda guy. Tri came… Read more →