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TweetA draft post that never made it out there. ~ It was supposed to be a trip to Belgium to watch the Cyclocross World Cup at Koksijde. It was supposed to be a birthday trip, a cycling holiday, some time away together. It was supposed to be a fun weekend away at the start of Winter before all hell breaks… Read more →

Best Photos of 2016

TweetI took quite a few photos this year. Some good, some bad. From them I’ve had an enjoyable (??) time trying to chose my favourite photo from each month. I failed. Too many stories, moments, actions associated to too many photos to cut down to 12. So I chose 24. One set of twelve for exercise; cycling and running mostly,… Read more →

December ABV Running – Day 1

TweetIt started two years ago. An antithesis to years that had passed when I’d managed to drink every day for the month of December and felt proud of it. Things had been changing, slowly. Life was getting more positive for the first time in months, I’d shifted myself away from old habits. The WEMBO worlds had come and gone, a third place… Read more →

Running Wild.

Tweet Those that know me know that I don’t just ride bikes. Of late, I’ve not been riding bikes much. Something to do with having ridden enough for one year, also moving house and not knowing where most of my kit is at the moment. Running has been as much of a part of my life as riding bikes, I’ve… Read more →

Got View?

TweetWent up to the Lake District to reccy the Kentmare Horseshoe fell race route. We didn’t see a huge amount of the view. It was a wonderfully atmospeheric day, even if we didn’t get to see much of the beauty that was around us.         Read more →

Running for Turkey

TweetDing dong merrily on high…whistle whistle whistle…and so on. This is your Christmas present, bloody well enjoy it. It’s January, I’m on Anglsey and I’m “running” the CTS trail half marathon. I’ve done this event before, even raced it to a point before, but that was when I ran consistently. I’d not been running much in the past year, 4 runs if my… Read more →

Long weekends

TweetTwo Bank Holiday weekends in a row. Two weekends that allow for either uber training or uber drinking. Choosing the former this close to IM Lanzarote was not a hard thing to do. Both weekends had training, both had totally different mental states. Spot the trend to good brain/bad brain. Weekend 1 (Easter) Wednesday: Lab test, 40mins ride on the… Read more →