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Tour Divide Preamble

Tweet I’d had this ride in my head for a long time – over 4 years had passed since I’d first settled on the idea that I was going to head out to ride the route. To finally be sitting in the airport waiting to go, my bike working it’s way into the hold of an aircraft, my kit in… Read more →

Bristol Bikefest 2015

Tweet When is a race not a race? When you don’t want to think of it because it freaks you out so you keep calling it a training ride. That’s when. It’s fair to say I wasn’t particularly comfortable with the idea of my first race of the year being a 12hour solo. But that is how it worked out.… Read more →

Relentless Wind.

Tweet “I cannot control the weather, there is no point getting anxious, it’s the same for everyone” My usual mantra before winter CX races was failing. No different than a normal cross races in some ways, but the wind and rain were starting to reach epic proportions. No matter what I told myself I new it was going to hurt, it… Read more →

4 Weeks Post – Back in the game coach!

TweetOr so I had hoped. Sadly 3 weeks of minimal riding  have put me nowhere near where I want to be to race a 6 hour race. But of course, I’m still going to try it. If nothing else it was a day dedicated away from my laptop, paper and pens, most of all my PhD. I need a break.… Read more →