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October in Pictures

TweetCrosscountry season arrived with a thud. Fast but windy opener at Leigh. Monster was in her element running around clapping at people. No mud to play in though. Only one big run for me, but my first since the ankle screwing injury at the Saunders. 28km in the Lakes on my own with 3,000m of vertical and 8 Wainrights ticked.… Read more →

July in Pictures

TweetJuly consisted of two things – a trip to the Isle of Man, and quitting my job. I’d not been to the Isle of Man in over 20 years. When a round of the English fell championships was announced we made plans to go straight away – on another note, being a sovereign country, I have no idea how a… Read more →

Tour Divide Preamble

Tweet I’d had this ride in my head for a long time – over 4 years had passed since I’d first settled on the idea that I was going to head out to ride the route. To finally be sitting in the airport waiting to go, my bike working it’s way into the hold of an aircraft, my kit in… Read more →