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Tour Divide Posts Compiled

TweetSo I decided to blog my whole Divide day by day while I was working on my photos – a lot of you have been reading them – so I’ve had to buy more bandwidth. Not a bad problem to have I suppose!  But it can be a bit anoying to go back through the timeline, so i figured I’d… Read more →

Tour Divide Final Day

TweetSomewhere in the Gila Wilderness – Antelope Wells; 274km distance, 1,830m climbing, 14hrs 20mins moving time. Last morning crawling out of my bivi. Last morning eating a Poptart. Last morning putting on cold stinking shorts. Not entirely sure I’ll miss this. Rick clatters past on the trail below me, as normal he’s up that bit earlier and moving while I’m still waiting for… Read more →

Tour Divide Day 20

TweetForest past Pietown – Somewhere in the Gila Wilderness, NM ; 196km distance, 2,175m climbing, 12hrs 25mins moving time. I’d never intended to be hear on day 20. I should be finished, relaxing with my wife, doing holiday recovery things. Perhaps showering. Maybe eating some real food. Either way, I’m not, I’m rolling along a rode after relieving myself in a… Read more →

Tour Divide Day 19

TweetGrants – Forest past Pietown, New Mexico ; 135km distance, 900m climbing, 7hrs 00mins moving time. INTERLUDE – crappy elevator music We hop in the car for the two hour drive to Albuquerque. It feels odd to move so far so fast with no effort on my part. I refuse to get out of race mode, wearing my jersey, keeping eating, thinking… Read more →

Tour Divide Day 18

TweetSomewhere in Santa Fe National Forest – Grants New Mexico ; 235km distance, 1,650m climbing, 11hrs 20mins moving time. Uggh, I feel like crap when I wake up. My feet hurt, my back hurts, everything is sticky and I have a banging headache. I eat the last non sugar based food I have, drink half of what little water I have… Read more →

Tour Divide Day 17

TweetCamp ground somewhere in Carson National Forest Nm. – Somewhere in Santa Fe National Forest ; 162km distance, 2,820m climbing, 11hrs 30mins moving time. Next time – I sleep here ^^ .  Turns out US postal offices in the middle of nowhere leave their doors open at night. Where it doesn’t rain on you. And you don’t get sniffed by horses.… Read more →

Tour Divide Day 16

TweetCampground somewhere in NM – Camp ground somewhere in Carson National Forest Nm.; 166km distance, 2,584m climbing, 11hrs 03mins moving time. Up early, earlier than anyone else around me, no chance to get pissed off unless you want to get out of your tent at 5am in the cold and rain? No? OK, I’ll get on with my day then. Up and… Read more →

Tour Divide Day 15

TweetUpper Dome Reservoir – Campground somewhere in NM!  ; 190km distance, 2,795m climbing, 11hrs 55mins moving time. Today was the day I nearly quit. It had to come at some stage. It sadly wasn’t the last time. My Montana Hilton was not the most fragrant, or rather it was quite fragrant, so I ended up sleeping outside it. No bugs surprisingly,… Read more →

Tour Divide Day 14

TweetHartsel – Upper Dome Reservoir, Co.  ; 205km distance,2,450 m climbing, 11hrs 50mins moving time. Dew covers everything except my headache. Beer when I was probably dehydrated, not so smart Greg. Oh well, nothing I can do now. I get up, pack, and get moving towards the diner as Justin and Bailey are blinking themselves awake. If I’ve got one thing… Read more →

Tour Divide Day 13

TweetInspiration Point – Hartsel, Co. ; 205km distance, 2,380m climbing, 11hrs 32mins moving time. I’m woken by the sound of the worlds longest train. I try to drift off, but no luck, I’m awake now, may as well get up and get moving. The other two are out cold, I pack up without making too much noise – they are quicker… Read more →