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Highland Trail Article

TweetI was given an opportunity by the lovely folk over at  Singletrack to present my views and experiences of the Highland Trail Race as a two piece article for them. This went live on their website last night and is there for all to read…those of you with a Premier or Digital subscription. It doesn’t cost much to just take… Read more →

I’ve been busy

TweetA new job. A new focus for writing. A new life. The past month has been busy. Productivity is through the roof, I’ve returned from the Highland Trail race knowing what I want from life and being able to see it for what it is. Worth versus want. Needs versus demands. Addressing each in turn has taken a weight off… Read more →

Photo Pooling

TweetWorking hard at a new job. Little time to do much else. Working on writing for fun, writing for brain, writing for qualifications. I miss the Highland Trail. I miss the people. I miss the riding. Tour Divide has started. One year and counting. Back to the suffering. Read more →

Highland Trail 400: Initial Thoughts

TweetWithout a doubt this was the hardest race I have ever entered, let alone completed. Coming in 9th place gives no idea of just how hard this race is. How mentally and physically taxing it is. How potentially dangerous it is for the unprepared.   These are the people that made this race. James, Tom and Arno. The people I… Read more →

So much stuff….

TweetMelting my brain to get all this packed down, lighter if possible, and onto a bike I have to ride for 700km. From this: Fun times pile of angst:   It all fits down into this: The kit on the floor I wear until it gets too stinky. Then I switch it out.   Read more →

Highland Trail Race Tracking

TweetThe Highland Trail Race starts this weekend in Scotland (http://highlandtrail.net/). 425 miles, 685km,  of non-stop racing. Unless you want to sleep, which most of us will. Tracking of the race will be in quasi real time, 10minute lag on position, and data from our positions will be provided via Track leaders at http://trackleaders.com/highland13. Tracking is being done through SPOT satellite… Read more →

Highland Trail Preparations

TweetBusy week – ignoring the family side of life – pulling equipment together – riding bikes – seeing friends. I’ve been in Ireland for a few days tidying up some loose ends and preparing for others to happen. Surprisingly its all a little more manageable these days. I’m happy about this as it means I can get my own mental state in… Read more →


TweetThinking and tinkering are two things I enjoy doing. Bikes, trips, food, training, clothing, everything. I like thinking about what I am going to do with something, and then tinkering with it until it does what I want. With the Highland Trail ‘race’ on the calender this year I have had to think more than normal and have started to… Read more →

I’m not going to lie to you Marge…

TweetSo long. [leaves the room] Unfortunately, unlike Homer I have to face the truth. Whilst not trying to hide a speak-easy from my wife, I have been trying to hide my lack of fitness, training and motivation from myself and others. Several milestones over the past few months, the death of a loved one – finishing a PhD thesis – moving country… Read more →