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Highland Trail: Kit list

TweetThe following is a list of all the kit I took on the HT400. I’ve written the list based on where equipment was packed, rather than by what it was. It may give you a better idea how I tried to balance out the weight across the bike. If specific details are wanted on kit, weights or such, pop me… Read more →

Highland Trail Data

TweetStrava details from each day can be found here: HT Day 1: http://t.co/K6wT5iw7qk – Tyndrum to Fort Agustus Distance 159.3km Elevation 2,665m Moving Time 10:51:04 HT Day 2: http://t.co/fUei37B5og – Fort Agustus to Schoolhouse Bothy Distance 166.2km Elevation 2,337m Moving Time 11:06:28 HT Day 3: http://t.co/5D03aETF89 – Schoolhouse Bothy to Poolwee Distance 92.2km Elevation 1,862m Moving Time 11:46:56 HT Day 4: http://t.co/13fZpwJiPd – Poolwee to Camben Bothy Distance 118.2km Elevation 2,315m Moving Time 11:43:59 HT Day 5 Part 1: http://t.co/Ly3giRIPI7 – Camben… Read more →