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TweetLast year, with local rider and Super8 obsessed friend Giles, we went out and made a film for a competition. A film on film, not digital. A single Super8 cartridge shot with no room for editing. What was shot was what was to be entered, undeveloped, unseen by Giles. It was a fun day, 5 hours to shoot 3.5 minutes… Read more →

2016 Wrap.

TweetOdd year. A year of two distinct halves. Part 1: January through June we’re dominated by the one thing, the Tour Divide. Nothing else mattered. Work, nope. Friends, nope. Family, nope. Home…well yes, the only thing that mattered except training was homelife and future plans. Oddly, this near sole focus had little impact on the rest of my “normal” outside… Read more →

Make good Art

TweetA few months ago I came across a wonderful speech by Neil Gaimen entitled Make Good Art. After watching, listing, thinking and watching again I realised that he is correct. We do just need to make good art. Be it in how we write, draw, compose or influence people. The last week has allowed me time to reflect and finish… Read more →

Hit the North 2012

Tweet Photos: Jo Allen – 2012 Many years ago I was persuaded to join Twitter. I floated about for a while and eventually got settled in. It’s been a slow decay from there. Similar can be said for my usage of forums such as Singletrack World. Somewhere in the mists of time these became intwined and I became aware of… Read more →

Week 4 of 4

TweetI stuck to the plan. I did my 4 weeks. I didn’t start early. I even feel happy about it. Admittedly I did another race…but that was always part of the plan anyway. First week in a while I rode with the power meter and looked at it. Nice to see numbers again. Not that important though. Due to a Sunday being… Read more →

Friends and Memories

TweetSometimes I get to caught up in my little land of PhD and training. I forget that there are things out there that I don’t get to see or do as much as I like. Sure I get to spend my free time on my bike, running or occasionally swimming. But I tend to favour going for a 4 hour spin and… Read more →