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TweetA draft post that never made it out there. ~ It was supposed to be a trip to Belgium to watch the Cyclocross World Cup at Koksijde. It was supposed to be a birthday trip, a cycling holiday, some time away together. It was supposed to be a fun weekend away at the start of Winter before all hell breaks… Read more →

Final Few Weeks

TweetTomorrow marks one calendar month until I start out on the Tour Divide.  I’ll just stop and let that sink into my head a bit. It’s been nearly 4 years since I came up with the thought that I wanted to attempt the Tour Divide at some stage. I blame Jenn, Aidan, Arno, Alan, Steve, and John and all the other… Read more →

A Couple of Things

Tweet It’s been quiet for a few reasons – not lest that I’ve had issues on the training front – but that’s what it is. Things are a little off schedule for the Divide – but it’s still going to happen. Possibly not as fast as I’d hoped. Dirty Reiver 200: What an event. Really, utterly, fantastic. Full words will… Read more →

gRVOL Ride

TweetSo, I rode the route on Saturday in …. interesting weather conditions. With some stops for photos, some route option checking, and some faffing. It took me 6.5 hours. Frankly, it’s what I wanted it to be – a big ride that I can use for Tour Divide training, on that bike, that will give me a minor pummelling. Basic… Read more →

Other words

Tweet It’s been a bit quiet but that’s because I’ve been writing words for print of late. Also, getting some photos into print. Not going to lie, that was a real focus for me this year and I’m pretty stoked/happy/surprised that it’s happened. Just like I was once told I’d never get a degree/ words printed I was told that… Read more →

The Eternal Spiral

TweetIt happens the same every year. I know it is coming from months ahead. The dry summer months do nothing to prepare me for it. I ride and I pretend to train. I know when it comes it will be like a shock to the system. A moment of pain in the simplest form. A punch in my over laden gut.… Read more →


TweetThat time of the year is coming. Darkness descends, lights are strapped to bikes, road tyres are swapped out for thicker cross tyres. A debate rages in my head. Do I return to a past lover knowing how much she will hurt me. Or do I stay with the one I have spent the last two years with. I backed… Read more →

Dissecting a Cross Race

TweetI posted a simple question on Twitter over the weekend: Would people be interested in a post about the breakdown of a CX race – looking at it from a power and fuelling perspective? The answer was a resounding yes, which was nice. Now that I have a break in thesis writing I can get to it. You may want to… Read more →