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May in Pictures

TweetSummer arrived with a thud. Suddenly, summer. Nearly four months solid of it. The first two weeks of solid summer I’ve ever had in Scotland. Good light – either crisp spring or forceful summer – gets the camera out and keeps it out. First month I’ve shot over 300 images in a long time. I don’t do burst images. Hangover… Read more →

April in Pictures

TweetI’m not an April person. It’s a hard month, mentally and environmentally for me. Not yet warm. Not yet light. Not yet summer. I don’t function well. So I do the things I know best, even if I don’t do it well anymore. The tiny human became more mobile than ever. Playtime became something that had to be undertaken rathern… Read more →

Best Photos of 2016

TweetI took quite a few photos this year. Some good, some bad. From them I’ve had an enjoyable (??) time trying to chose my favourite photo from each month. I failed. Too many stories, moments, actions associated to too many photos to cut down to 12. So I chose 24. One set of twelve for exercise; cycling and running mostly,… Read more →

February; Less about cake more about things.

TweetJanuary was a write off physically and mentally. The come down from 5 years focused on a single goal of producing a thesis for a PhD attempt was more than I expected. I was drained, I didn’t feel like doing much of anything let alone training. It was unexpected. February has rolled in and an amount of focus has returned.… Read more →

BMC Expedition Planning Seminar 2013

TweetA possible cross post between the Mountaineering Ireland and Awesome Walls Dublin website. A write up I did after attending the BMC Expedition Planning Seminar in PYB. While wintering in Wales, Greg May took a chance to attend the BMC 2013 Expedition Planning Seminar held in Plas-Y-Brenin (PYB) on the 12th of January. This day long event was hosted for the first… Read more →

Personal Circuitry

Tweet‘The velocity of a body remains constant unless the body is acted upon by an external force’  Newton. Not much that can be added to this simple law of motion. It applies as much to physics as it does to our athletic selves. I realised a long time ago, that without anything to aim for , my body would remain… Read more →