Best of 2018

I realise I’ve done my usual 12 that I liked the most from the year. But I wanted a mulligan. A do over. A bit late, but such is life. Nor is it just twelve. Overall, I took a lot of photos I like. A mixture of digital and film again. Lots from the Leica Q and the M6. Many of these photos I’ve printed out, or intend to print bigger than normal. Which, in the end, is the whole point of this photography lark. Keeping them digital, hoarding for the sake of hoarding, is pointless. No one sees them.

I’ve realised since I made that post in December that I took some better photos. One’s I’d not shared, not been willing to put out as they appealed to me, not to many others. So here are some of them, mixed in with some of the others.


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