Munros -2,3,4

I never worried about the tops I ticked when I went to Scotland to climb in the past. A year ago, I started to wonder if I’d be willing to put the time in to working on all the Munros before I can’t walk, run and climb any more. I Figured it’d be a good thing to do as the baby grows older and we spend more time as a family walking, over running, for a while at least. Last year I considered myself as having started from the start when I ran up Schiehallion.

Ben More (Mull)

While I’ve ticked a large amount of the Wainwrights, they for me are running targets, the Munros are more planned as walking targets. Though, I’m certain at some point I’ll run quite a few of them. Ben More on Mull was a wonderful walk, a first Munro for Pauline and a nice test of baby-carrying on bigger hills for me.

Ben Nevis

The Ben was it’s normal self, but warmer, and much more armoured underfoot than I remember. A shame. But a tourist route is that, and it was a great day out for all. The baby said hi to everyone on the mountain to much amusement all round.

Aonoch Mor

Aonach Mor was excellent, a wonderful (lift assisted) walk before we dropped down to watch the downhill race on it’s lower slopes. A sore calf and not enough time required that Aonach Beag be left for another time.

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