Lanzarote Taper

Taper is not a word in my vocabulary normally. With cyclocross and mountain biking we have short races that we don’t worry about and would generally train through. Most of these events we can race back to back weekends and train week in, week out. The only race I activly tapered for last year was the national championships in cyclocross and this still involved either cycling or running every day in the lead in, with much intensity…maybe shown in my result, but I was there for the team prize and I knew it.

Ironman was going to be a new level of taper. Lots more training hours in the lead in, with quite a bit of intensity, would lead to a drastic reduction in both training time and intensity in the lead into the race. Going from 11-14 hour weeks to < 7 was going to be a shock.

The week in Ireland as the taper started, followed by sitting in the apartment in Peurto del Carmen I assumed was going to drive me mad. Wasting time I could be training, not being active, the usual misgivings about not enough training. But its not actually been that bad. A 9 day taper was dedicated to the race by Russ and I did my best to follow it.

Swim sessions were spit oer two days week one as I was busy with work, and with the new Swimsense from FINIS I just wanted to get into the pool! Bike sessions were moved in as the weather turned and I wanted to simulate the heat that was going to happen. Running went on as normal but shorter runs being done on a treadmill with the heat turned to 11.

Flying out to Lanzarote on the Monday meant no training. Tuesday a quick spash down at the swim venue with stunning clarity and lots of fish. Swim course is nice, looks like its going to be flat calm too. A bike on Tuesday that was supposed to be short ish with some high paced efforts turned into a 4 hour event as we got lost and had to get home. Today an easy swim in the morning, wander around town, and legs up for most of the day.

Weather wise, its hot (20ish) and hit 27 on the bike yesterday. Nothing spectacular to be honest. Wind is minimal and not picking up until about 12 ish. Register tomorrow, see what its all about, then some easy sessions to keep legs and brain ticking over. Weather watch is for minimal wind, heat in the low 20’s. Could be a good day for the bike, but no wind is going to mean a hard run.


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