October in Photos

On time this month. Or at least somewhat.

Three years married now, a new addition makes our traditional weekend of running and wandering in the mountains a bit different. But still, off to the Lake District we went, camping of sorts, introducing the new generation to some weather.

It still stuns me every-time I come to the Lakes just how beautiful it is. This only gets better in the quiet months. Outside of summer when you can get up high and there is no one for miles around. Pure solitude inside a narrow band of exposure that is easy to escape from if things turn sour.With the shorter days creeping in we’ve spent more time in the Valley than normal. Getting out when we can. Running, riding, meeting friends locally and making some new ones. After nearly three years in our new home we’re feeling like it is home. Most likely for a very long time. Finally settling down from our wandering habits.  Racing is still part of what we do. I’ve stepped off the gas since August and only starting to try to push again. But for others it is the cross country season, some of the hardest running races I know of – something that I’ve shied away from for years, and won’t touch with a very long stick.

Tiny human does what tiny human does. She keeps amazing us as much as she frustrates us. Part angel part devil.

Still plugging away with the film cameras. Finally getting to grip with FP4+ although I’ll go back to HP5+ now that we’re into the dark months. Trial planned with some developer that arrived. Wondering if I can remember how it all works.

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