In which I get a sponsor

Funnily enough I still find it hard to talk about myself using the word triathlete. I’ve been racing tri for a while and this is to be my 6th season. I’ve never taken it very serious, although I have had two sepearate coaches, and I’ve always claimed to be in it for fun. However…I am a competitive kinda guy.

Tri came from my cycling background as a natural link to my old swimming background something i don’t talk about a huge amount. Sprint swimming, 50 and 100 free and back, IM team and relay. Thats what I did, its what I loved.

I swam for nearly 12 years as part of the Portmarnock Swimming Club team (aka, The Club as known locally). Swimming was huge in the 80’s and 90’s in Ireland. Michelle De Bruin was smashing times world over and getting medals somewhat dubiously. World times were falling, Speedo released the first swimskins and in general swimming was the place to be. Or at least that’s how I saw it.

My life revolved around swimming;

  • Monday 7-8am Swim before school, 6-8pm session
  • Tues 6-8pm session
  • Wed 4-5 ‘land training’ (weights)
  • Thurs 6:30am – 8am session
  • Friday 6:30 – 8pm session , 9pm-10:30 Lifesaving
  • Saturday 9am -11am session
  • Sunday off, unless at a gala

For anyone who’s not spent time as a swimmer this may sound nuts. Honestly at the time (14-16) I knew no better. 12 hour weeks were the norm. Then I broke. Issues in the club forced me to walk away taking nearly 14 years before I could talk to a coach again. Swimming was disregarded as something I’d never do, something to hate, something that other people did. Sadly with triathlon I have to swim…I cant lie…I do still enjoy it. I just find it hard to get motivated about it.

So when I saw the Swimsense from FINIS I had a moment of interest. An accelerometer based watch that measures swimming…neat…I wonder what else it can measure. Not only could I find something to track my metrics (I am a science nerd) but I could have a tool that could track my strokes, motivate me some more and maybe get me in the pool more than twice a week.

Well the kind folks in FINIS are going to help. I have a unit winging its way to me from the European side of FINIS, as does Russ Cox (GO SOCIAL NETWORKING!), and we’ll be posting some blogs over the coming weeks and months on the SwimSense. I’ll give an over view when I get it, then when I have some more time with it a full review.

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