I’ve been very lucky in the lead up to Ironman Lanzarote this year. Little to no injuries, no sickness bar a week off in December and nothing that has stopped training bar work. It could only last so long really.

Out for an excellent run last Sunday with Pauline up in Howth. Parked up at the quarry and went out for some trails and road mixed in, mostly trail if I’m honest. Running about 45mins at a nice pace and i clipped the base of my shoe (probably the lugs on my Newtons) off a root and went to ground. Landed knee first then shoulders as I rolled into a nettle bush, then fell over into more nettles.

Apply lots of doc leaves, thanks P! Then try to run again. Next 10 mins were ok on the knee, I knew I’d hit it, but it was ok. We stopped up by the trail junction at the Bailey for a few mins to decided on run but when we went to go again…knee said no. Walked back to car, changed and then discovered I couldn’t use the clutch to well. Saying that, easy run, not much of response training wise, but was aiming for 2hrs…so fail.

RICE has been the aim for the week, try to recover the knee and get everything sorted. Sadly with legs that have been trashed from weeks of hard training the only way was time off. Monday due to itching and tenderness I drove in and then didn’t swim. Easy run had to be abandoned after 10mins on Tuesday and the swim was off as i was still itching and still downing antihistamines like they were tic-tac’s.

Wed resulted in the first ride of the week, easy 30mins in and out on the TT bike making sure i could still hold the position with my knee feeling off still. Out of the saddle was a no go, resulting in rolling to traffic lights and not stopping. Was supposed to run, just was not a good idea to do with knee being a dull ache all day. On the plus side the Itch had gone!

Thursday was a great day, ride in easy for an hour, do some work, then mid afternoon prep the lab bike for a performance test for myself, quick 10mins run off that, then an easy hour half ride home. Knee was still tender after but nowhere near as bad.

Evening was polished off with a massage from Dave Casey and food at his place. Looks like I have offers for free massage over the next 4 weeks in the lead in. Always good to have friends, never forget them!

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