You’ll probably think this blog is about you. It’s not.

I’m done with Twitter. After 10 years on the platform, many hours both good and bad spent there, I’m done.

I’ve been debating this nearly a year, sad I know, but when a large portion of yourself is presented in a digital medium, a medium you’ve used extensively for the past ten years, stepping away can feel like you’re walking away from an investment. An investment into nothing.

It’s around 6 years since I deleted my Facebook account. Various reasons, predominantly personal, some still deeply hidden, made me leave. It wasn’t a place I wanted to spend time anymore. The reasons I’d started using it were gone, I just used it to live vicariously through others while wallowing in an ever deepening pit of despair. Like I said, bad personal time coincided with it’s deletion. It was not a bad thing.

Now however, I’m at a total opposite end of that spectrum. Happier than I have been in years, actual happy – not the happy you put on for those around you. The kind of happy where I really don’t give a fuck what others think happy I’m putting on this shirt with those shorts and having a party happy. And Twitter doesn’t fit in with that.

All I see is negativity, and there is a good reason for a lot of that, but the negativity is not in my media streams, it’s in my associates and friends – note what I said there, that bit is about you.  So I’m done.

Years ago I worked on culling my media feeds from people I know who get me down. I then culled similar people from my life. 18 months ago I culled a close friend that really wasn’t. It’s only got better from there.

So if you want me, you know where to get me, but it won’t be Twitter.

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