Last year, with local rider and Super8 obsessed friend Giles, we went out and made a film for a competition. A film on film, not digital. A single Super8 cartridge shot with no room for editing. What was shot was what was to be entered, undeveloped, unseen by Giles. It was a fun day, 5 hours to shoot 3.5 minutes of film. The whole thing was shot on bike, about bikes and the Tour Divide. It’s now been screened at a few different film festivals, and has made it into Film by Bike in Portland.

While shooting the piece I carried around my old Canon film camera loaded with a roll of cheap Kentmere 400. I’d not told Giles and I wanted to see what I could make of the day from the other side of the lens. Some shots worked out, others not. The usual variability of film and a hand that is very much out of practice with it.

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