Best Photos of 2016

I took quite a few photos this year. Some good, some bad. From them I’ve had an enjoyable (??) time trying to chose my favourite photo from each month. I failed. Too many stories, moments, actions associated to too many photos to cut down to 12. So I chose 24.

  • One set of twelve for exercise; cycling and running mostly, some of the more obvious aspects of my life.
  • One set of 12 for moments; family, friends, some of the more personal moments.



Chinatown Manchester as the new year starts. The city fills with the colour red and the smell of fireworks.

The first real fell run of the year on the Kentmere Horseshoe route Weather was apalling, company was excellent, running was as good as it gets in the Lake District.



Back in the Lake District for Valentines Day weekend. Camping in the snow, eating pancakes for breakfast, wandering up some hills with no one about. Perfect.

8th of Feb. That’s when the Tour Divide training started. The thing that dominated my days for the next five months. Morning rides took pause at this point in the canal when the sun would rise, I would stop and thaw my hands out for five minutes before dropping back into shadow on the way to work.



Dark and moody. Mornings were getting brighter but still dull. Hard to get some time to stop and get photos, too cold, too windy, lots of excuses. But getting up early and finding new places to drag a bike across was still worth it.

Training was ramping up, time in the hills was getting longer, but the evening rides were still few and far between in daylight. Those that were often looked like this. At first I hated it, but by the end I grew to love the solitude of these days when no one else rode up high.



Wandering the city on my lunch breaks unable to eat and to spend time out of the building and to stop my legs cramping. Riding was starting to speed up, then down rapidly after an assault on the canal. A few days walking when I couldn’t ride were about all I could do.

The Dirty Reiver. Not much I can say that the picture doesn’t convey. Wonderful.



A celebration of the life of a wonderful person. The Jennride was 160km through the Lake District riding with friends for some, solo for other.

Again the city, exploring the new places, working on my photography. Worth it.



An iPhone photo from the Divide. Early morning before the basin. I miss it.

Wamsutter – mid point of the Basin – cooked, thirsty, and it’s only 10am. Going to get a hell of a lot worse before it gets better. I miss these guys, such fun to ride with (Bailey, front; Justin, back).



The end. 4,500km from Banff Canada to Antelope Wells New Mexico. Fuck yeah.

Balance Rock. A place I’ve wanted to visit for years after seeing it in a Lowe Alpine catalogue. Utah is such a beautiful place.



Back from the US and I wanted to spend some time showing my wife what it was like to be a hobo on the road. Fun times. Mainly due to the rum.

More Manchester than I cared to shake a stick at had infiltrated my life. Walking the streets taking photos of people who made me think what the city is like. This was 10am, the bottle half empty. Manchester.



Jura. Beautiful. Brutal. Brilliant.

Bought a house – needed a lot of work – contemplating what was going to have to take place. Also, new camera – Leica.



Running again. Hills again. Anything to escape again.

Cheeky mutt sniffing out what was hiding in plain sight. Beauty.



First snows of the year and a change of place as we fail to get to Belgium. Snowy Lake District and the last Wainright of the year.

Walking in nature.



Playing around in the city again to get away from grumpy time at work. Surprise photos crop everywhere.

Well, turns out the last Wainright wasn’t in October. Turns out it was this one. Slower than we’d like. Not as far as we’d like. But as good as it would have ever been.


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