Post TDR Kit Breakdown (apart)

I figure the easiest way to start this process off is with a kit breakdown – what I did keep was used extensively, some kit I didn’t use (&), some I mailed back at Grants ($). I’ve also included some notes on what I’d change about certain pieces of kit, or what I’d substitute them for next time.

  • Day to Day Riding Kit
    • Salsa Cycles Team Kit- shorts became baggy by the end as my body changed shape!
    • Sportful leg warmers – next time, ones with zip access on ankles to get on and off over shoes.
    • Assos sun cover arm warmers.
    • Morvelo sweary Jenn socks ($) – 2 pairs, mailed one back.
    • Patagonia Nine Trails Gilet – would not take next time.
    • Montane Featherlight jacket – used every day.
    • Montane Minimus jacket – used most days.
    • Berghaus waterproof over trousers with velcro for DS leg ($).
    • Patagonia R1 Hoodie ($) – Invaluable.
    • Endura Windproof winter gloves + Gore gloves ($) – saw a lot of use in the first week with bad weather.
    • VBL overgloves ($) – aka Marigolds and Nitrile gloves.
    • Vulpine cotton cap.
    • Short finger gloves ($) – bought in Steamboat to try to save hands, next to useless.
    • Smith Optics Overtake helmet and Pivloc glasses – stunning combo still.
    • Specialized Comp MTB shoes with SPD cleats and new Boa dials.
    • Suunto Advisor.
    • Patagonia Nanopuff Pull on – Invaluable friend
    • Montane Fireball gloves, Montane Fireball booties and a beanie to sleep in ($) – gloves and hat saw a lot of use, booties a few nights.
  • Bike Repair Kit
    • 2 Maxxis lightweight tubes – unused
    • Topeak mountain morph pump – used to top up for road sections
    • Squirt lube – empty by end.
    • 4 pairs of pads – one set used in Steamboat.
    • Two metal lined tyre levers.
    • Brake cable + gear cable.
    • 2 spokes, nipples and cable ties.
    • Spare mech. hanger – used at Ponderosa Measa – another purchased in ABQ.
    • Cleat and bolts, M4 and M5 bolt, tubeless valve, tubless valve core and tool.
    • Crank Bros. multi tool with chain break and a needle-nose pliers – Used a lot.
    • 2.5mm allen key…to get to a specific something fiddly.
    • Quick links – 2 – funny story…make sure to bring 10 speed ones next time.
    • Sugru – 2 – used.
    • Random cuts of Tuff Tape for bag fixes and other sticky things.
    • Spare dyno and mini USB cable.
    • Tyre turds + puncture patches and extra glue.
  • Other Kit
    • Salomon Sense Ultra3 bag – wouldn’t bother next time, made enough space in Grants that it wasn’t needed.
    • ACA maps ($) – spares got mailed back, wouldn’t bother with next time.
    • First aid kit – never opened, debatable if I’d take again.
    • ICE Kit – phone, food, music, 700 calories in it – never opened
    • Toothbrush – toothpaste – earplugs – sunscreen – spare clear lens for sunglasses ($) – next time, photocromatic lenses.
    • 4AA and 4AAA lithium batteries – GPS backups and for SPOT.
    • Aquatabs for dodgy water.
    • NUUN tabs for me – binned in Abique.
    • Sony RX100 +2*16GB SD cards + spare battery + charging cable.
    • Exposure 3,100mA cache battery – 4 days of GPS power on a full charge, bloody brilliant.
    • Double US USB wall charger + cables needed – used daily.
    • Some Ortlieb Ultralight drybags ($)
    • Traveltap – filter died after Colorado.
  • Sleep Kit
    • Outdoor Research Helium bivi – would take something different, not due to condensation, but due to the design of the bivi, will expand on later.
    • RAB Nutrino 200 -no issues bar my smell that infected it after 3 weeks.
    • Exped Synmat Hyperlite – wonderful piece of kit.
    • Exped Schnozzle – No issues.
    • Exped pillow ($) – failed after a week.
  • Bags
    • Ortlieb rear bag – almost too big, but then I started needing more food…and it was perfect! No water ingress.
    • Ortlieb front bag – perfect size as I like to front load my bike weight wise. Kit went in for the day, then didn’t get touched. No water ingress.
    • Ortlieb pocket – great size, but fittings were not so good to the front bag, needs tweaking. No water ingress.
    • Revelate Tanglebag – no issues, fitted a 2L bladder with room for food when needed.
    • Topek Topbag – fill with Skittles and batteries, ride bike, eat Skittles. No issues. Tried and tested.
    • Apidura feedbags –one for camera and random things, one for bars and nuts. Wouldn’t go again without the pair.
    • Revelate Spocket – filled with Poptarts at all chances.
  • Bike
    • Drivetrain – chain replaced in Steamboat as well as front Mech. Rear mech replaced in ABQ after it failed, cables done in Steamboat.
    • Brakes – pads replaced in Steamboat as well as cables. No issues with lack of power at any stage.
    • Shifters – couldn’t shift them after day 8, hands were fucked.
    • Bars – great, more padding next time, already had double wrap on them! Aerobars were perfect, and needed. 
    • Wheels – rims and tyre combo was ace, didn’t change tyres, no punctures. Dyno hub was fine, rear Hope hub…. not so much.
    • Frame and fork – amazing, would take both again.
  • Electronics
    • Exposure Joystick – used quite a bit.
    • Revo – used daily, output died on day two.
    • Plug3 – used, not sure I’d bother again.
    • eTrex 20 – bombproof as ever.
    • Rear light – lost two, Alpkit Blips failed.
    • SPOT Gen3 – Flawless, did one battery change, wasn’t even needed really, just to be safe and ditch weight 🙂
    • Cateye bike computer – lost it after 1000km, didn’t replace.

  8 comments for “Post TDR Kit Breakdown (apart)

  1. Dave
    July 25, 2016 at 20:44

    Greg, currently weighing up options for a bivi and was considering the OR Helium. What was it you didn’t get on with? Thanks

    • greg
      July 27, 2016 at 13:24

      Hi Dave,

      I got on ok with it – some condensation issues, but no more than I’d normally expect really. The main issue I had was with how the actual bivi is shaped – the bug net zips to the edge of the waterproof outer, which is then pulled up to the pole. So you end up with a flap of material down into the bivi – great as it keeps the heat in, but it also leads to some moisture build up and makes it a little awkward to adjust things.
      As a lightweight race option it is really great – especially if only for a few days, think HTR – but i’d probably not use it for a 3 week trip again.


  2. Ben
    August 18, 2016 at 15:56

    Is there a reason that you haven\’t actually said what bars, tyres, rims, f+f etc. you used?

    • greg
      August 18, 2016 at 16:15

      Hi Ben,

      Details are here in a previous post:

      No reason, just didn’t figure it needed repeating!


      • Ben
        August 24, 2016 at 15:06

        Ah, forgot about the other post…

        • greg
          August 24, 2016 at 20:59


  3. August 25, 2016 at 08:52

    Hi Greg. Was the Orlieb handlebar bag fine to fit with aerobars ? Thanks

    • greg
      August 25, 2016 at 09:54

      Hi Nigel,

      No issues at all – will depend on how wide you have your bars set up mind. But that is no different to any bags.


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