Tour Divide Body Preparation

Working on some stats while I whittle away my last day in the lab. Having access to a DXA scanner has its perks. Sadly, no superpowers as of yet.

Lean mass changes over the past year – focused effort to get a correct balance of weight to muscle – I’ve an issue with either being too light and weak, or to heavy and fat. Unfortunately my genetics appear to like only these to forms. No changes in bone mineral content (BMC) which was nice, always a worry when you’re focusing on trying to force a change in your physiology. Main aim was to drop fat mass with as minimal effect on lean mass – target, achieved.
lean_mass_changesFat mass changes over the past year – Feb was when I started actually focusing on training, pushing harder, little to zero food on bike rides <3hrs and a lot of back to back evening/morning fasted rides. Hence the rapid slope of the total mass curve. Slight loss in muscle mass was addressed as the year went on, with a focus on muscle hypertrophy in the last two months, hence the total mass increas, but no increase in fat mass. Strong + as lean as I’m willing to go in.
fat_mass_changesSpecifics for those who wonder how this data comes out of the DXA:


Isn’t science great.

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