Roubaix is near

This weekend will be a busy one. From today – Sunday at 6pm i will be in college 24 hours a day getting our last 4 riders through the 24 hour sleep trials. Next weekend will be the same. It will suck, it will be boring, and this time i dont get to actually do any riding. However i will get to spend all of Sunday with a friend watching the Paris-Roubaix.

Nothing i will endure over the next 48hours will suck quite as much as what the guys in the pelothon are going to put themselves through. Roubaix has always had a place in my heart as what cycling should be. Suffering, hard racing, tough conditions and a true ‘best man wins’ race. In Roubaix you can sit in for a while, but once it hits Carrefour de L’Arbre you need to be on the front to win.
Bring it home Tom.

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