The Bryan Chapman Memorial 2014 pre-ride

What I don’t know about the Bryan Chapman Memorial Audax could fill a book.

Here is a nice video made by the folk at Rapha for those of you who have no idea what it is: BCM on Youtube

I know that it is long at 600km. I know that it goes through places in Wales I have been to, and places I’ve never been through. I know that it can have the most unpredictable weather ever. I know that my bike can take it, I hope my legs and body can.

So as ever I’ll have my SPOT with me so you can join in. The tracking data should be displayed at:

I’ll be taking my trusty Planet-X Uncle John Cross with discs and some extra kit crammed into a seatbag. I’m possibly going a bit to heavy with warm kit, but as I tend to ride very cold at night, this is probably a good thing.

The ride starts at 6am from Chepstow and goes north to the Menai bridge on Anglesea. I’ve a nice route planned, I’ll be taking in the bridge at Barmouth for those who know about it. Hopefully, I’ll take some photos, tweet some tweets and give a better show than last time.

The loop I’m taking should look something like this:


With my car at the other end…and work on Monday… I do have to get back within the 40hr cutoff…and then some.

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