Highland Trail Article

I was given an opportunity by the lovely folk over at  Singletrack to present my views and experiences of the Highland Trail Race as a two piece article for them. This went live on their website last night and is there for all to read…those of you with a Premier or Digital subscription.

It doesn’t cost much to just take a digital sub (£2.99 a month), allows people like me to get a little something back for the words we write, also it allows a magazine that is not scared of addressing the other side of racing as well as the mentality behind it in its pages.

At some stage I’ll be able to reproduce the work – but for now – go spend a few quid and support a great magazine, and read some nice words and pictures.

So here it is if you have a subscription already: http://singletrackworld.com/2013/07/the-highland-trail-400-part-one-hard-has-never-been-so-fun/

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