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The trip back to Ireland, shadowed by the wonders of my viva, was not entirely for the purpose of furthering my education…. I also had a pickup to make. So without further ado I am proud to announce that I am racing on the new Tech9 from Kingdom Bikes. Hopefully I’ll be able to make them proud with a semi decent time at the Highland Trail Race next month and some plans for later in the year.

Tech9 CRB

The specs:

  • TORAY T700 carbon fiber monocoque construction
  • Frame weight: 850g
  • Forks 80mm – 100mm
  • Integrated tapered headset 1.1/8″ – 1.5″
  • 31.6 Seatpost
  • 68mm threaded bottom bracket
  • 1 year defect warranty
  • RRP £599 frame only

it has everything I asked for. Tapered headset for a bit more stiffness. Curved seatstays for a bit of forgiveness at the back end. Two sets of bottle cage mounts for carrying water during endurance races. All wrapped in simple graphics, with no faff. To the point. Simple.

So why move to a small company, one that specialises in making small runs of titanium and carbon frames? Well flexibility for one, the ability to ask for something, give my input, feel like I am part of the process rather than another sheep.


I’ve been lucky enough to ride and relax with Nick over the past year. Share my ideas on what makes a good bike, a smart rider, and what it takes to make a bike that will be capable of taking them around a 24 hour mountain bike course without totally breaking them.

Big wheels roll faster, the choice of whether to go with the new titanium 650b Brigante or the Tech9 was not a hard one to make…although I may be missing out a little on the fun it brings.  Time will tell how it rides, but I am sure it will be the perfect tool for the job at hand.


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