A horse! A horse! My Kingdom for a horse.

Usually at this time of year I spend many hours searching the web, looking at the new frames being covered in Sea Otter, scouring for the new bits of Tech for this year. Always I know, I won’t admit, but I know. I can not afford them. The life of a privateer is not a pretty one. But it does have its advantages…..somehow.

This year was no different. But something changed. Something perhaps in my attitude. Or how others view me. Maybe I’ve just finally stepped up to the plate and put myself out there, willing to be shot down.

In short; I have a frame sponsor for the year. Not much can be said yet as i’ve a PhD to get done first. But finally things are looking up. On Friday I am either a Doctor, or not. Either way, I have a frame to build for the Highland Trail Race. I have a new focus.


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