Highland Trail Preparations

Busy week – ignoring the family side of life – pulling equipment together – riding bikes – seeing friends.

Dublin by night. Quite. Alone.
Dublin by night. Quite. Alone.

I’ve been in Ireland for a few days tidying up some loose ends and preparing for others to happen. Surprisingly its all a little more manageable these days. I’m happy about this as it means I can get my own mental state in order.

Training for the HTR is back in full swing. Two 17 hour training weeks back to back and I can start to see some shape coming back into my body (round is a shape right?). The body is starting to lean up again and the mind is following. Equipment however..is in need of some paring down.

SS MTB Bikepacking is silly
SS MTB Bikepacking is silly

A single speed ride in the Dublin mountains with Nick from Kingdom bikes saw me gurning up some big hills with too much kit. Although I’ll have gears for the HTR, and a lighter bike, and bigger wheels, i’ll also have a tad more kit. Time to get anal about weights again, strip down to the core what I need. Alpine style dedication.

A quick trip into Patagonia Dublin helped as Asa sorted me out with the new generation of the Puff Nano jacket. I’ve had various incarnations of this jacket over the past 10 years. The picture says enough.

L -R: Gillet '06- jacket '09 - jacket ' 13. Not shown, the bigger '05 jacket...its huge.
L -R:
Gillet ’06- jacket ’09 – jacket ‘ 13.
Not shown, the bigger ’05 jacket…its huge.

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