Simplicity in Food

Before I get started I am just going to state; I don’t understand some vegetarians. Eating fish and eggs and being a vegetarian makes no sense to me. It’s akin to saying you don’t believe in god and going to mass. Either commit to something, or don’t. Sit on one side of the fence – Omnivore or Vegan. Don’t dick about.


So, I fall into the omnivore catagory. I like meat, I like veg, not mad on fruit. I already do 2 days vegitarian per week (Tues and Thurs) and tend to get most of my meat 2 other days in the week from salami sources (Monday and Friday[pizza day]). I don’t often cook actual pieces of meat unless I am BBQing things. As that has been dead for a year now I’ve not been. Mostly, I eat a mixture of a lot of veg and pasta and probably part of the reason why I have to supplement with B12.

I’ve never adopted a diet, never eaten in a specific way for a certain reason, I’ve always seen food as food, not fuel. This is partially why I’ve had huge issues with my weight over the years. I love cooking, I love eating. When I combine this with not training, I get fat. Not American fat, but not race worthy either. I’ve known how to get to a semblance of sensible weight over the last few years – train more, less alcohol, less refined sugar. No brainer really.

In that search I found a nice recipe for a slightly ‘cleaner’ version of the simple chocolate brownie cake. Great idea, cut out some of the fat from the eggs, no milk so perfect for my lactose issues that I tend to ignore, or moderate anyway. Moderating lactose intolerance is actually quite easy, but of internetting with do you well, in short <1g of CHO per 100g and you should be able to process the sugar and not get the gassy kickbacks. *parp*. My only two lactose sources at the moment are yogurt and cheese anyway. Yogurt I have also dropped in favour of soy yogurts. Once again another modern problem caused by sugar, scary how much is linked to the simple glucose molecule.

As is tradition my usual period of remembering I have lactose issues coincides with my annual trip to the USA for a conference. I don’t eat lactose in the states, I just don’t like many of the sources available so I tend to shift out for a week. This was even more aggressive this year when I noticed the yogurt I bought for breakfast has corn syrup in it. In the bin straight away. USA, you need to stop this shit. It is destroying your country.

Sadly, this year I noticed a much worse reaction to getting back on the lactose train. I really wanted a cheese sandwich the other day, in fact if I didn’t have it I’d have been pretty sure I’d have died. Protein deficit, pretty sure. So half a block of cheese later smothered between soda bread and butter, I felt satiated. An hour after that I felt terrible. Bloated, sore, gassy. MUCH worse than normal. Same reaction I get to drinking a pint of full fat milk. That was Wednesday, it is only clearing now, Saturday. I’ve been visibly distended all week. The cheese is going to have to go unless it gets the <1g CHO tick. Annoying, but better than hating myself in the mirror every time I walk past.

So this has also paralleled at an interesting stage. I’ve just finished Scott Jureks book ‘Eat and Run‘. Part running story, part biography, part vegan cookbook. It is good, it is easy to read (took <48hrs with work and sleep) it will be passed on. But note a word above that, vegan. I have my opinions of the ‘vegan’ lifestyle, mostly bad. But, this is the first time I have read a non-militant explanation of it. Paraphrasing – its not dietary restriction, it’s just removing certain aspects. It’s also the first ‘elite’ athlete that I’ve read anything by who is vegan, also not the crazy kind. The only other atheletes I know who have done this in the past are Ryan and Mel. For a year, or two, until they had to move off when racing abroad. Both are pretty handy on a bike also….

In short, for the first time ever, I am going to try to eat a certain way. If I fall off and have a steak, I don’t care. But I’m going to shift to the opposite of what I’ve been doing. 2 days a week will be ‘animal sources AOK’, the other 5 not. I’ve got a month of writing left in this PhD, this will give me something else to play with.

Tonight, we dine on turkey risotto though 😉

EDIT: 2/7/12 – This is quite easy after 3 days. So going to just shift over and see how long before I really want some meat. Should be interesting.

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