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We’re Done Here

TweetA house bought in 2000 when a family finally finished. A son who went to Canada and returned to a box room. An attic full of discarded toys and dead relatives trash. A life that ended, and took three years to remove it’s clutter. The past three years have been frankly annoying. Ignoring the sadness that comes with the passing… Read more →

Forcing out the words

TweetWriting for fun. Writing for money. Writing because I have to. All require a different mentality. All require dedication. All require a mindset. This week sees me loaded with each. Fun, money, forced. The writing occurs in that order. Read more →

Make good Art

TweetA few months ago I came across a wonderful speech by Neil Gaimen entitled Make Good Art. After watching, listing, thinking and watching again I realised that he is correct. We do just need to make good art. Be it in how we write, draw, compose or influence people. The last week has allowed me time to reflect and finish… Read more →

Brevity in Words and Actions

TweetBrevity is not a skill I was born with. It is however, something I have come to learn and accept that I have to work on. This has become even more evident in the final stages of my Ph.D. as writing gets more succinct, more purposeful, less …. fluid. It annoys me that the manner in which we write academic papers… Read more →

Exposure to Normality.

Tweet“At some point you need to call off your track workout or your 40 mile run and just go out in severe mountain conditions and spend the time you need to become comfortable. Go out and scramble up the steepest slopes you can find, spend nights out in the mountains with nothing more than what you can fit in your… Read more →

Busy Commute

TweetI’ve been working from a desk, located under my bed, in my house. To many this may sound excellent, in reality it has its drawbacks. The prime drawbacks are both good and bad. I have cheap food readily available, it is as healthy as I chose, or as bad as I choose. Coffee is on tap and free and overall cheaper… Read more →