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Ironman Wales; Outside Looking In

TweetSimply put: 2012 was a year of no triathlon for me. I opted to take a year out, focus a bit more on my MTB riding and hopefully finish my Ph.D. without being in debt. Triathlon is not a cheap sport in any stretch of the imagination. Trying to do so on a student budget while also racing cyclocross and… Read more →

Another Week on the Rails

TweetI am getting used to training working for me again. Train hard. Recover hard. Work….erm…yeah…thats not so much working. But bit by bit this thesis is coming together. This past week saw another intentional recovery week spliced together with a lot of work related time, high intensity training was the main aim although the numbers don’t show it! Low volume… Read more →

Ireman Middle Distance

Tweet Its been a long triathlon season. It started back in January with the training camp in Lanzarote. Two weeks off after the cyclocross nationals then straight into a 28hour training week. Just the way to kick the body into preparation for Ironman Lanzarote in May. A few more months of training and May rolled along and we were standing… Read more →

Bunclody Sprint Triathlon

TweetIt’s a long time since I’ve raced a sprint triathlon, close on 2 years. Memories were hazy as to how to race them other than that vague memory of total and utter pain. The location was excellent, outdoor pool, back roads, nice steep run. The race looked good on paper and didn’t disappoint. Those times resulted in 6th. People went hard, very very… Read more →

Ironman Lanzarote 2011 Report

Tweet Most of this written on the plane on the way home, edits done over the following two weeks, mostly due to laziness, mostly as I didn’t want to think about the race and its implications. i’ll post up the post race bit over the next few days, as well as changes, ideas and what I’d adopt differently ~~ Its… Read more →


TweetI’ve been very lucky in the lead up to Ironman Lanzarote this year. Little to no injuries, no sickness bar a week off in December and nothing that has stopped training bar work. It could only last so long really. Out for an excellent run last Sunday with Pauline up in Howth. Parked up at the quarry and went out… Read more →