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Winter Training

Tweet I took a slightly different tactic to my winter training this year. Usually it’s mile after mile of road at boring steady speed while getting covered in various forms of crap off the road. Or, it’s boring long gravel rides that leave me frozen to the bone with the screaming barfies as my hands start to warm up. I… Read more →

Work It

Tweet“So I say, “Why don’t you try to get good at something?” Pick one thing and do it to the exclusion of other things. Develop it. Progress. Rise. By doing so you will reach a height from which you may observe what you have left behind, what you sacrificed in order to achieve.” -Mark Twight I suck at riding a… Read more →

Two Weeks in the Grinder.

TweetTired does not explain it. “Holidays” for a week with riding in three countries crammed in. Visiting what felt like all the people we know in Ireland, many late nights, too many beers, then back into work with the added bonus of a house guest who was racing the World Track Masters for a week. The added pressure of helping… Read more →

Stoic Focus Coaching

TweetThis has been a long time coming. I have almost been reluctant to put a name to what I do, how I think and how I approach training. Although only starting, I have a lot to populate the site with over the coming weeks. Please be patient. I will reply if you ask. Many of you have told me otherwise,… Read more →

Dissecting a Cross Race

TweetI posted a simple question on Twitter over the weekend: Would people be interested in a post about the breakdown of a CX race – looking at it from a power and fuelling perspective? The answer was a resounding yes, which was nice. Now that I have a break in thesis writing I can get to it. You may want to… Read more →

Running Downwind*

TweetI appear to have touched a sore spot with my last post. Many people have come back to me saying that I am over simplifying things, making things in a black and white form, showing them in a bad light. Well that was the point….It is simple. If you don’t put the work in, you won’t get better. The other camp are asking… Read more →

Change of Tack

TweetTraining, training everywhere and not a focus in sight. I’ve been amazed of late when talking with some local CX riders at how few have an idea how they are preparing for the National Championships in January. JRA* training does not work for something as specific as cross. Focus, purpose and hard work all need to be addressed and used… Read more →

The Streets are Lined With…

Tweet…Cyclists mostly, followed by ice, followed by cars. Another week in Wales started with a nice trip over on a slightly bouncy ferry with the Griffin clan. A visit to the ‘city’ of St. Asaph and then off to wander about Ruthin before finding Pauline for dinner at the local Llandyrnog eating pub. Not to be confused with the drinking… Read more →