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TweetA draft post that never made it out there. ~ It was supposed to be a trip to Belgium to watch the Cyclocross World Cup at Koksijde. It was supposed to be a birthday trip, a cycling holiday, some time away together. It was supposed to be a fun weekend away at the start of Winter before all hell breaks… Read more →

A Couple of Things

Tweet It’s been quiet for a few reasons – not lest that I’ve had issues on the training front – but that’s what it is. Things are a little off schedule for the Divide – but it’s still going to happen. Possibly not as fast as I’d hoped. Dirty Reiver 200: What an event. Really, utterly, fantastic. Full words will… Read more →

gRVOL Ride

TweetSo, I rode the route on Saturday in …. interesting weather conditions. With some stops for photos, some route option checking, and some faffing. It took me 6.5 hours. Frankly, it’s what I wanted it to be – a big ride that I can use for Tour Divide training, on that bike, that will give me a minor pummelling. Basic… Read more →

The Eternal Spiral

TweetIt happens the same every year. I know it is coming from months ahead. The dry summer months do nothing to prepare me for it. I ride and I pretend to train. I know when it comes it will be like a shock to the system. A moment of pain in the simplest form. A punch in my over laden gut.… Read more →


TweetThat time of the year is coming. Darkness descends, lights are strapped to bikes, road tyres are swapped out for thicker cross tyres. A debate rages in my head. Do I return to a past lover knowing how much she will hurt me. Or do I stay with the one I have spent the last two years with. I backed… Read more →

Dissecting a Cross Race

TweetI posted a simple question on Twitter over the weekend: Would people be interested in a post about the breakdown of a CX race – looking at it from a power and fuelling perspective? The answer was a resounding yes, which was nice. Now that I have a break in thesis writing I can get to it. You may want to… Read more →

Running Downwind*

TweetI appear to have touched a sore spot with my last post. Many people have come back to me saying that I am over simplifying things, making things in a black and white form, showing them in a bad light. Well that was the point….It is simple. If you don’t put the work in, you won’t get better. The other camp are asking… Read more →

Change of Tack

TweetTraining, training everywhere and not a focus in sight. I’ve been amazed of late when talking with some local CX riders at how few have an idea how they are preparing for the National Championships in January. JRA* training does not work for something as specific as cross. Focus, purpose and hard work all need to be addressed and used… Read more →