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TweetI’ve been running a lot. When I run, I think. This often results in falling over, but still, I think and I run. I run and I think. I realised the other day, that when we return to school, it will have been six months. Six months for the smart kids to stay smart. The lazy kids to get lazier. The… Read more →


Tweet People fear change. I certainly used to. It made me uncomfortable. A difference to what I was used to. A switch in my ingrained patterns. Having to climb out of my rut and look around at what else is on offer. I avoided it. Coasted along. Festered in some cases. Last year I decided to make a big change.… Read more →

Best email of the week

TweetGot an email from another PhD researcher in DCU that I’ve written papers with. Laughed so hard at this one. I am aware I am a nerd. <msg> Hey Greg, <friendly_tone> Wanna meet up for coffee later?  </friendly_tone> <hopeful_tone><hidden_agenda>I’d also like to pick your brain for some sports knowledge. </hidden_agenda> </hopeful_tone>  <lie> I’m flying with my thesis write up </lie>… Read more →

Sleep and Activity Measurement in Search and Rescue Aircraft Crews Using Novel Sensing Technologies.

TweetAbstract accepted for the 2012 ACSM conference in San Francisco this summer: Gregory C. May, John Burke, Sarah Colclough, Brendan Maloney, Ciaran O’ Cathain, Shauna O’Connor, Stephen Ryan, Giles D. Warrington FACSM Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland Helicopter search and rescue crews (SARC) remain on constant 24 hour alert. This requires the SARC to remain in a state of readiness and… Read more →

Assessment of Physical Activity in Search and Rescue Operations Using Accelerometer Based Technologies.

TweetAbstract for submission to the Sensecam Symposium in Oxford this year. Should be quite a good trip over I hope, assuming I get accepted. Gregory C. May, John Burke, Sarah Colclough, Brendan Maloney, Ciaran O’ Cathain, Shauna O’ Connor, Stephen Ryan, Giles D. Warrington. Helicopter search and rescue crews (SARC) operate on a 24 hour shift with crew members either… Read more →

Supplement not Substitute

TweetEvery now and again I do the whole science thing on this blog. It’s rare and it sometimes scares people. This is one of those posts. The focus on this is going to be athletic supplemnets, more so what I’ve been trying out and what I’ve found with them. n=1, non controlled, wash out periods inculded, sometimes on more than… Read more →

It’s All About Performance

TweetMC Spandex said it best. It’s all about performance. But not so much about pumping up tires and oiling my chain. This is a nice graph to start with. It’s a measure of my aerobic training response since the end of the cyclocross season. Since then most training has shifted to IM specific training with longer hours and a needed… Read more →