Cuba Photos

Finally working through the 2000 photos or so that I took on our honeymoon in Cuba. Some have already made their way into an article in issue 3 of – Subscriptions here – the rest I am going to drop into Flickr over the next week or so. I’ll pop some of the more choice images here. Why not. Read more →

Shake it Cough

Bit of a shakey start to the month of movement. Wasn’t feeling great all last week. Got home on Thursday night and realised that I couldn’t ride further than the few kilometres back from the next town over. Coughing, leaking, sinus pressure. I knew what was coming. I’ve had this far to many times to not know it now. Friday was spent… Read more →


I’ve been failing to move. Lying in a bed. Sitting at a desk. Standing on a train. Sitting on the couch. Lying in a bed. My body is confused, bloated from the lack of movement, unsure why it can’t get itself to move again. I creak and grown resisting attempts to get moving again. But I won’t work. I try to move,… Read more →

Moving to the Country

Something I wrote that didn’t make the editorial cut. I can see why, but I’ll post it anyway. Moving to the Country – distinct lack of peaches noted. Bear with me on this. Cities are hateful places to live a life as a mountain biker. Maybe, if you’re lucky, you may have a small urban trail around a disused tip/bombsite/asylum… Read more →

Terry Pratchett

I had the joy of meeting Terry Pratchett one summer in 1996 when I worked in Forbidden Planet in Dublin. I say joy, well I had the experience of him. As a 15 year old work placement kid I had the task of making him a cup of tea. I did not drink tea. My parents made their own tea.… Read more →


It’s been an odd start to the year. A month off my MTB after a chest infection/virus that has kept me coughing since November. Dr’s orders – no hard exercise, no cycling. Still managed to get a few good days walking in the Peak and Lakes.   Christmas passed. We drank, we ate, spent time with friends. New Years fizzled… Read more →

Running for Turkey

Ding dong merrily on high…whistle whistle whistle…and so on. This is your Christmas present, bloody well enjoy it. It’s January, I’m on Anglsey and I’m “running” the CTS trail half marathon. I’ve done this event before, even raced it to a point before, but that was when I ran consistently. I’d not been running much in the past year, 4 runs if my… Read more →

Phlegm Machine

6 weeks of coughing came to a front when I realised enough was enough*. Three nights of no sleep for either one of us.  A shitty morning at work, a doctors appointment, sitting on the couch wanting it all to stop spinning. It didn’t, it just got worse. A week on antibiotics. Two with no bike riding or strenuous endurance activity. It… Read more →

Salsa Spearfish

One bike to rule them all. This was something I was never convinced of, I’m getting there though. The summer has seen me riding one bike more than any other, and it’s been the Spearfish. I’ve had my  Salsa Spearfish for about 8 months now. I’ve done just over 2,000km on it and I think it is time for an honest… Read more →

It’s been a while

I’ve been neglecting this blog for the past month. Mainly as I’ve been busy getting on with life after WEMBO – sounds like a tragic screenplay that will never see the light of day. A short recap: 1) I got married – it was awesome. Can’t really add much except that it was all I wanted. Then I got to ride… Read more →