Bike related things not been going so well since Bristol 12 hour. Achilles has not healed. Racing has happened, and been a failure. Trips away happened, mind felt clear. Body is starting to say – repair, not abuse. That’s OK. Two weeks off, niggles surface, body got down time, choices happened, moving another way. Riding with friends, riding for riding,… Read more →

Bristol Bikefest 2015

When is a race not a race? When you don’t want to think of it because it freaks you out so you keep calling it a training ride. That’s when. It’s fair to say I wasn’t particularly comfortable with the idea of my first race of the year being a 12hour solo. But that is how it worked out. Sure… Read more →

Winter Training

I took a slightly different tactic to my winter training this year. Usually it’s mile after mile of road at boring steady speed while getting covered in various forms of crap off the road. Or, it’s boring long gravel rides that leave me frozen to the bone with the screaming barfies as my hands start to warm up. I was… Read more →


England – Wales -England. A multi-day mountain bike race in the UK. Except, it really hasn’t been has it? People have, rightly so, been scared of the route. And I’ll wholly admit I was, and to an extent, am. It hasn’t really been a race as so few people have tried it, let alone finished it. It really is a very wonderful idea that… Read more →

Plant powered again.

A few years ago I spent 9 months or so on a plant based diet. I hesitate to use the word vegan as that has some connotations about how I view animals. Animals are tasty, I’ll be the first to admit I have eaten many, many of them. Especially the cute young ones. Farming practices are not always excellent, true. However,… Read more →

Weekend Away…well 30 hours away.

My legs were still sore from the Howgills half marathon the weekend before, but I was determined to do something with the bank holiday weekend. Bags were hastily packed on Thursday evening, a train ticket to the Lakes paid for, an early exit from work agreed. Friday and I’m at the train station using my pointiest of elbows to make… Read more →

Like a duathlon, but not.

It was one of those weekends. I had a race to do, but I wanted to ride my bike. I had a race to get to, but my wife has the car. I have a friend going to a race, but he lives over them hill there. Wait….them hills have trails. My bike, likes trails. My brain wants to ride… Read more →

Cairngorms Loop Kit List

Underlined items were not used. Bold items could be left behind if weather was good.   Bike: Singlespeed Salsa Cycles El Mariachi – 100mm Fox Float 32 – carbon Jones 710 Loop bars – Hope crankset with Absoloute Black 32tooth oval ring – Surly rear hub, 21 White Industries ENO freewheel, Blunt 35 rim – SP dyno with Exposure Revo on… Read more →