Final Pre-Tour Divide Post

As some of you probably know by now, I’m off to do a rather…..long mountain bike race in North America tomorrow, I flew out to Canada on the 7th of June. 4,400km long. 60,000 meters of climbing. Self supported. No mandatory stops. One stage – top to bottom. It’s called the Tour Divide. Clock starts at 8am on Friday the 10th of… Read more →

Tour Divide Bike

Few people have been asking about the build for my bike. Simple enough, but solid, that was my aim. Comes in light enough, mainly, it rolls fast and can take a beating. I’ve a lot of thanks to give to the folks at both Keep Pedalling and Bryan at Raleigh UK for sorting me out without destroying my bank balance. I… Read more →

Jennride Pt 2

A different day with a focus not the same as the first. Yesterday had been about riding with people, sharing memories and experiences. Today was about me, pushing harder than the day before with no fall-back net of people to talk with. After a short nights sleep thanks to Goldie snoring at his own bivi site, I got up after about… Read more →