I’ve been doing some quick reviewing of the training and racing year that wasn’t. In short – I finished one real bike race (3rd place for a 12 hour) , DNF’d a 24hr and a bikepacking focus, but managed to race 2 off road half marathons – getting 11th in one. It’s been an odd year of injuries, some personal… Read more →

Cheese and Beer

With the break from racing that happened this year I was at a bit of a loss what to do with the rest of the summer and early Autumn. This should have been time preparing for WEMBO in the USA this coming weekend, but  that was off the cards after Bikefest. A strange issue with my Achilles that only flared… Read more →

Weekend Back

I’ve been away for a while. Seeing the better parts of the Chamonix valley for a few weeks. The better bits being the bits up high. Taking a few days to flow back to reality saw me head down to the Peak District to speak at the Alpkit Big Shake Out after the 100th issue launch for Singletrack. Was nice… Read more →


Bike related things not been going so well since Bristol 12 hour. Achilles has not healed. Racing has happened, and been a failure. Trips away happened, mind felt clear. Body is starting to say – repair, not abuse. That’s OK. Two weeks off, niggles surface, body got down time, choices happened, moving another way. Riding with friends, riding for riding,… Read more →

Bristol Bikefest 2015

When is a race not a race? When you don’t want to think of it because it freaks you out so you keep calling it a training ride. That’s when. It’s fair to say I wasn’t particularly comfortable with the idea of my first race of the year being a 12hour solo. But that is how it worked out. Sure… Read more →

Winter Training

I took a slightly different tactic to my winter training this year. Usually it’s mile after mile of road at boring steady speed while getting covered in various forms of crap off the road. Or, it’s boring long gravel rides that leave me frozen to the bone with the screaming barfies as my hands start to warm up. I was… Read more →


England – Wales -England. A multi-day mountain bike race in the UK. Except, it really hasn’t been has it? People have, rightly so, been scared of the route. And I’ll wholly admit I was, and to an extent, am. It hasn’t really been a race as so few people have tried it, let alone finished it. It really is a very wonderful idea that… Read more →